When it comes to design a perfect bathroom suiting for personal comfort, we miss out on some of the useful but not so common Bathroom Accessories. So, here’s a list of 7 Not So Common but Useful Bathroom Accessories.

  • Chair/ Stool Foldable (Wall Mounted)

 Art No . 701

It’s a comfortable chair for modern bathrooms.  Attach it to any wall at any height comfortable for you, and it’s good to go.

It is easy to fold and can save you some extra space in the bathroom.

With a compact size of 13X12.4” and the weight carrying capacity of about 130kgs, Viking is making creative Accessories for the Finest Bathroom Experience.

  • Shelf for a phone with toilet roll holder

Viking Art No. 38150

Most of us are using Smart-phones in the bathroom. And now, you won’t have to put your phone in danger every time you use a bathroom. Viking has made a Brand new Product for keeping your Phones Safe with a Shelf for your phone on the top of Toilet Roll Holder.

  •  Grab bar

Grab bars can be really helpful for the elderly and the handicapped making it easier for them to use the bathroom with safety. Viking is giving an option of customizable grab bars to help any individual design his own grab bars suiting to the personal needs. 

  • Electric Heated Towel Rack

Art No. 2710

Now, there will be no more cold or wet Towels. Viking has built an innovative design of towel rack to keep your towel warm and dry, ready for use.

  • Bath Tub Seat

Art No. 700

The Jacuzzi Bathtubs have become common in every bathroom. And With it comes to some accessories to improve the bathing experience. Bath-Tub Seat is one of such accessories.  

  • Glass Shelf

Glass Shelf is a great solution for making storage in bathrooms.  Glass Shelf’s comes in various sizes for all the bathrooms. Corner Glass Shelf is the best way for Saving Space in the bathroom.

Every bathroom can use a Glass Shelf giving it an edge of Luxurious Feel.   

  • Body Dryer

Art No. 58021

Body Dryer is another innovation by Viking, to get you warm and dry after every bath with the Temperature controls and the ease of use, it’s one of the most helpful accessories for your bathroom.

So hopefully this article has increased your knowledge about bathroom accessories and made you reconsider your list of important bathroom accessories.

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