A Splendidly designed door is sure to make a great impression on your guests even before they enter the house. And Flush Doors aims to fulfill that goal in an inexpensive manner.

Flush doors are getting more and more popular due to the better quality and sleek designs it offers for
the entrance of a house.

Making a Flush Door

Flush Doors are made using a Soft-core generally of Pinewood covered on both sides with any laminations may it be MDF or Sunmica.

Sizes of Flush Door

A flush door can vary from 25mm to all the way to 40mm. But, 35mm is the best size option to go with, considering the weight, durability, and price of the door.
Flash Doors are manufactured in all the sizes –

  • 81” Long and 33” or 30” or 27” or 24” Wide
  • 93” Long and 38” Wide or 36” or 33” or 30” or 27” Wide


Price of a Flush Door

Flush Door with a premium quality core can cost you about INR 105 to 120 Per SqFt. So, a 35mm door of 93X36” can cost around INR 2790. The cost for the pasting of Lamination will depend upon the type & design of lamination.

An approximate cost of a 35mm door with Pinewood Core and 0.8mm premium quality Mica on both sides can be around INR 160 to 190 Per SqFt.
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Benefits of Flush

  • Flush Doors are more stable against twisting and offer much more durability.
  • It is easy to maintain a Flush Door.
  • Using the lamination on Flush Door can make it both Heat and water resistant.
  • The high-quality Pinewood Core of the door provides High Screw holding capacity.

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