The Cost of the Tiles might be a mystery for most of us. So let’s try to solve it together.



Now, we all know Tiles are of various types and of various sizes. But, what most of us don’t know is that tiles come in various Qualities too.

Yes, that’s right Various Qualities. And what’s more interesting is that – every Brand Whether its – Kajaria – Simpolo Ceramics, – Pavit or any other brand. They all Manufacture different qualities for the exact same designs you select in the Tiles Showrooms.

So, it becomes an important factor deciding the cost of your Tile.





Let’s revise the 3 Factors deciding the cost of the Tiles:-

  1. Type of Tiles – Floor Tile – Ceramic Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Double Charge Tiles and Full Body. Wall Tile
  2. Size of Tiles – 600X600mm – 600X1200mm – 800X800mm – 800X1500mm
  3. Quality of Tiles – Premium – Standard.


Simpolo Ceramics are currently trending in the Tiles Industry all around the World – With their amazing collection in Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles, and today we will learn about the Cost of Simpolo Floor Tiles.


So, talking about some common choices for Floor Tiles by Simpolo – we have –


Miracle Series – 600X600mm – Double Charge Tiles.

                                                    PREMIUM                                                                STANDARD

MIRACLE LIGHT SERIES                                                              42 PER SQFT                                                             37 PER SQFT

MIRACLE DARK SERIES                                                               48 PER SQFT                                                             40 PER SQFT


And, for a Box of 15.5 SQFT area of tiles, you can get a Box of Miracle White by Simpolo Ceramics at a cost of around INR 650 (PREMIUM) or  INR 570 (STANDARD).

Beware of the Quality – Don’t Pay the Price of PREMIUM for the Quality of STANDARD. Check each and every BOX before Receiving.


Perlato Series – 800X800mm – Double Charge Tiles.

PREMIUM                                                STANDARD

PERLATO CREMA– WHITE                                            69 PER SQFT                                             48 PER SQFT

PERLATO BROWN – VERDE                                           74 PER SQFT                                             48 PER SQFT




Perlato Series – 800X1500mm – Double Charge Tiles.


                           PREMIUM                                        STANDARD

PERLATO BROWN                                                                             86 PER SQFT                                    55 PER SQFT


(All these Prices may vary from Location to Location. These are Exclusive Prices for Chandigarh – Panchkula – Mohali by MAKE HOME.  A LEADING DEALERSHIP OF SIMPOLO CERAMICS IN TRICITY. )

(PLOT 649, Sector-82, JLPL Industrial Area, Mohali.)


So, these were the cost for Tiles of some famous Vitrified Tiles Designs by Simpolo Ceramics.  Almost Every brand in Tile Manufacturing has a similar price gap between the two Qualities – may it be Kajaria – Pavit – Johnson or any other Brand.


So with a visible difference in the prices, one question might be bothering you – Which Quality of Tiles should we Buy?

Although the difference in Prices is considerable, I would still recommend Premium Quality Only.

Let me briefly try to explain why spending the extra money on quality would be worth.

  • The Better Quality won’t necessarily mean more strength for the Tiles – But it would mean better Print Quality on Tile, which means that Tile would appear much more aesthetic for a much longer period of time.
  • And With Zero errors in Tiles – Only the premium quality Tiles are suggested in case of No Spacing or No Grooves are provided between the Vitrified Tiles.
  • All of Premium Vitrified Tiles are tested for Bends, Surface Finish and Strength. So, multiple tests are performed to make sure the quality of tiles before dispatching it to the Dealers.

So, to Make Sure you are buying the Right Tiles at the Right Price, Just Confirm the Quality of Tiles from the Dealer or Brand you are Buying Tiles.


I hope this was helpful. And would like to invite you pay us a visit at Our Brand New Showroom – Make Home.

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