A good Quality Tile is the One with Zero Defects. So, Make sure to Check these things before you Buy.





Body of Tile.
The body is made out of clay and different type of minerals. Making a dense tile body is important to make a stable and stronger tile. So make sure the body of your tile is dense and not absorbing much moisture.
The premium tiles by Brands like Simpolo and Adison comes with a strong body and a leveled surface making them the leader in the Industry.
Adison is the only Brand making 1200X1200mm and 800X1600mm Tiles with zero deflection.




  • Check The Edges
    Smooth Edges are the most essential parameter for placing Tiles. Even a Single Tile with Uneven or Chipped Edge can affect the ambiance of complete living space.
    With Premium quality Tiles, Placing must be without any Spacing, Enhancing the looks of your Floor.




  • Check The Thickness
    The Floor Tiles must be capable of carrying the load, and, one can say more is the Thickness of a Tile, more Load it can carry. The thickness of the Indoor Floor Tile can vary from 8-12 mm. Any good quality Tile must have even thickness of the both – Body & Glazed Layer.





  • Look for Colour Variations
    Tiles come in different colors and designs, and it is important that it remains the same throughout its life. Also, Tiles are famous for defects of color variations to some extent, which is eliminated in a Good
    Quality Tile.
    One must make sure to check for color variations of two or more boxes of the same lot before the purchase. Adison Tiles comes with Zero Colour variations, making premium quality Tiles for Floors.





  • Surface
    The most basic feature to Judge the Quality of a Tile is its – Surface.
    Defects like Rough Patches, Stains, and Minor Cracks on the surface are common among the poor
    quality tiles. The surface must be Smooth – Leveled – Flexible.






Adison Granito, Simpolo and Kajaria are some of the brands with Zero-Tolerance Policy towards the Quality of the Tiles, Making them the obvious choice to go for your home.

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