Finding the perfect tile for your living space can be difficult.

We need to decide on the Right Size, Right Design, Right color, and correct thickness of tile depending upon the location and architecture of your space.

To minimize the wastage and to improve the aesthetics, you need To Pick the Perfect Tile.

  • Choosing the Type of Tiles

Ceramic tiles are preferred for Walls, as Wall Tiles does not have to bear any load. And the Ceramic Tiles also come in a wide range of Designs. Mostly the bathroom wall tiles are Ceramic.

Go with Vitrified Tiles & Double Charge Tiles for your Floor with low to medium foot traffic. Double Charge Tiles are the better option, as they are much more durable and can carry more foot traffic load.

Full-Body Tiles are the best in terms of strength and durability and are commonly used in areas with heavy foot traffic like corridors or public buildings.

  • Choosing the Size of Tile

Tiles come in various sizes, starting from as small as 12X12” Inch all the way to 4X4’ Foot. So choosing the correct size can be tricky. So, How Do we decide?

With Size of the Room – For Small Size rooms, 2X2’ Foot tiles are better as it can make the room feel bigger.

 Whereas for the Big Rooms 4X4’ Foot Tiles are the best to add a premium feel to the room. But it can increase the cost of the project. So choose accordingly.

Adison is the only brand making the Biggest Size Double Charge Tiles in India.

  • Choosing the Design of Tile

Design is more about personal preference for most of us. We need to trust our architects for the best results as they know more about it. We need to consider the Purpose of the room, the layout, the pattern before selecting a Design. So, let the Architects handle the Design Department.

Simpolo is making some of the most trending Designs for Wall & Floor Tiles.

  • Choosing the Colour of Tile

Color of Tiles can change the overall appeal of a room from Warm to Cool. Light color tiles are preferred for small spaces. And Dark color tiles can be used for large spaces giving it nice warmth.

Considering the effect of color on space and the purpose of the space are also important. And so, using an Architects opinion in the matter can be helpful.  

  • Choosing the Thickness of Tile

Most tiles are 1/2 Inch to 3/4 Inch thick, and offer different strength with the difference in the thickness. Generally, 3/4 Inch Tiles are used for Floors and 3/8 Inch Tiles for Walls.

Simpolo is the only brand making Premium Quality Tiles for both Floor and Walls with the thickness ranging from ¼ Inch to ¾ Inch.

So next time when you go out to buy a tile, keep the above points in mind, they will help you make the right decision.

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