Calculating the number of boxes of tiles required on a site can be a little tricky. But don’t worry, let’s make it simpler.

Tiles come in different size – Starting from 1X1 Ft. to all the way to 4X4Ft.

And every box of Tile of different Size has different number of tiles in it, covering different amounts of floor or wall area.
Considering an example of 800X800mm Tile or commonly known as 32X32” Tile. A box contains 3 Tiles with a true area of 20.67SqFt, which is usually WRONGLY billed for 21SqFt of Area per Box.

Let’s try it on a more common size of 2X2Ft. So, A Box of 600X600mm or commonly known as 2X2Ft Tile is said to cover 16SqFt of Area, which in
reality is only 15.5SqFt. So, if you don’t check your bill then it might cost you a bit more than the actual amount. But how does a 2 X 2 Ft tile does has 15.5Ft Area – you ask? Well, The Science behind this is difference is simple.

So, the tile is manufactured by the measurements of Millimeter. Every company, every brand, every factory is made to follow the millimeter rule.
We know that 100 Millimeter = 0.328 Foot, don’t trust my word on it – Google it. So, 600mm is not exactly equal to 2Ft but 600mm = 1.9685Ft. And it isn’t a 2X2Ft tile but actually a 1.9685X1.9685Ft Tile.

Now, These Figure may not seem like much different than the true values. But, As the area increase, the amount gap can be considerably high. Assuming an order of 1000 Boxes of 2X2Ft Tile, You might end up paying extra for 500SqFt of Tile Area than you are getting, i.e., anywhere from INR 15,000 – 20,000 of Extra cost. Hence, An Approximation of 1.9685Ft to 2Ft can cost a lot more than you might have anticipated.

Next time you buy a 2X2Ft Tile, Do check the bill amount is for 15.5SqFt Area or 16SqFt.

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