There are over a thousand Tile manufacturing units and a never-ending List of Tiles brands in India.
Finding the Top tiles brand in India based upon the parameters like Tile Quality – Tile Prices – Tile
Design – Tile Sizes – might be a difficult task for anyone. That’s why; we made it simpler by selecting
some of the favorite brands of leading Architects and Builders in India.

So, if you are looking for the Top Tiles Brands in India.

Here is the list of top tiles brands in India

10. Cera India

Cera is a well-known Brand in Sanitaryware Market and is making some fine quality Tiles for Floor and
Wall. Cera has some great design tiles for floors as well as walls. Although Tiles Designs are suiting to
almost every architectural need, the price for Cera Tile might be on higher-end than other Brands
mentioned in this list. But with the vast variety of designs and a good collection of wall Tiles, Cera is surely
a brand to be among the Top tiles brand in India.

9. Orient Bell

Orient Bell is another common name among the Tiles Manufactures in India. Orient is manufacturing
Ceramic and Vitrified Tiles from the 1970s, and with a production capacity of 30 Million Per Annum it is for
sure in the list of Top tiles brand in India. Orient offers a vast variety of tiles.
It gives a tough competition to the other brands in terms of Pricing and Designs. Orient Bell is another
brand preferred by builders for various projects.

8. Asian Granito

AGL is a common name among the Tile Manufactures in India. It’s one of the brand builders use for
projects due to premium quality Tiles at Genuine Pricing. AGL Designs and Sizes might not be
comparable to the other Brands, but it sure does beat them in the Pricing game.
AGL is a brand anyone can trust without doubting the quality of the Product. AGL is becoming a popular
choice for Double-Charge Vitrified Floor Tiles in India.

7. Somany

A name among the most famous tiles brands in India. Somany has multiple dealers within a city and it
makes easier for the customer to buy tiles. The Readily available Tiles in the market make it easier to buy and
use without any delays in your construction project.
Somany has trendy designs in Tiles which can give a modern look to your house. Somany Ceramics
has the finest quality with beautiful designs at the lowest price in the market.

6. Nitco

Talking about the Best tiles brands in India – Nitco is the brands one cannot miss from this list. The
Premium Tiles made in Italy. Nitco has designs for every use from Bathroom Walls to Floors to
Commercial Tiles. It is one of the go-to brands for architects – But Considering the price of Nitco Tiles – It
has secured 6th Rank in our list.

5. Adison Granito

Pioneer in Biggest size Double Charge Tiles. To be one Best brand for tiles in India, it is important for
any brand to innovate and find new and better Ideas. And Adison Granito has done the same to get to
5th rank in our list.
Although Adison is currently Dealing in Floor Tiles only, but it is making sure to be the best in it by
making the biggest Size 4’X4’Ft and 32”X64” Inch Double Charge Floor Tile. The true replacement for
marble for a floor is Double Charge Tiles by Adison.
Offering some great designs and premium quality, it seems like an expensive tile. But Adison might be
the most reasonably priced brand in our list.

4. Pavit

Pavit is the Leading brand in outdoor and commercial tiles. The finest quality and lowest prices of Pavit
outdoor tiles make it the first choice for any project. Pavit offers a wide range of tiles including Heat
Resisting Rooftops – Driveway – Tic Tac Tiles – Ramp Tiles and many more.
Pavit ceramics is making tiles for every space – indoor – outdoor. Pavit has built the trust of customers with
the best service and ease of availability of Tiles for every project in India.

3. HR Johnson

HR Johnson is also a Top tiles brand in India. Its cost might be slightly more than the average cost of
tiles by other alike brands. But the Brand has made its name by the quality and service of its tiles. Every
Architect and Builder is familiar with this Brand. Other than Pavit Ceramics, HR Johnson is also another
leader in Outdoor Tiles in India. It’s being a bit more expensive than the competition has slipped it to the
3 rd position on our List. Hence it does have the potential to be the leader in Top Tiles Brand in India.

2. Simpolo

Best brand of tiles in India – Simpolo. It is the brand people can trust. The Premium quality Tiles of
Simpolo in both Wall and Floor segment has become trending in Indian Tiles Market. The Designs
appreciated by Architects at the prices preferred by builders – Makes it the best Choice for Tile Shopping
in India. Simpolo has some of the best designs in the bathroom and kitchen wall Tiles. And is an exporter of the best
in quality products (made in India) to other countries.

With a great team for research and innovation – Simpolo is set to be the Leader of Top tiles brand in India, with worldwide recognition for its ceramic products.

1. Kajaria Ceramics

The Leader of all the Major tiles brands in India, Kajaria has given new heights to the Tile Market in
India, Creating benchmarks for the other brands to follow. Kajaria has built trust and won loyalty of every
Indian. Everyone, whether or not from the ceramic industry is familiar with the Best Tile Brand in India – Kajaria.
It offers over 2800 different tile designs to choose from. And is the largest Tile manufacturer of ceramic
and vitrified tiles in India.


So, these were some Top tiles brand in India. Choose the one which can help you built the perfect house.


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