Tiles are present from 13th Century BC. And The Glazed Tiles made today are just a modification of the same authentic process used in the 13th Century. Now we have endless designs and patterns to choose from, which is only increasing day by day.





Making of a Tile is similar to baking a cake. And every cook has his own recipe to bake the perfect tiles. Although the Ingredients used to make a Tile are the same even the slightest difference in their proportions can
result in a completely different cake.





The recipes of brands like Simpolo, Adison, Kajaria are some of the most trusted. Thought these brands won’t share the exact ratio for mixing and making of tiles but the basic process remains the same for them all.




So let’s start cooking!








We’ll need Clay, the basic ingredient of tile. Along with some Sand, Quartz, Water, A Roller Kiln to bake the Tiles And a good Glazed Surface Finish.


  1. Prepare the Mix
    Start by mixing the clay with sand and Quartz. Add some water to make the process simpler. Don’t add more than 30%
    of water into this mix.
  2. Heat the Mix
    We want a nice Mix Power with about 6% of water left in It.
  3. Pressing the Mix
    The powder is to be pressed at high pressure in the rolling Kiln to give the tiles a good strength. The pressure must be
    enough to bond the powder.
  4. Add Glazed Layer
    Once the Tile Body is ready, then the Glazed layer is to be added, just like a frosting to a cake.




And The Tile is ready to be Placed!

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