Make Home is one of the best plywood stores in Mohali which is supplying only the best quality of PlyBoard and Flush Door to the Tricity at the most genuine pricing.

Every single piece of the Ply-Board and the Flush-Doors is being manufactured in our high-tech and zero defect tolerance factory located in Karnal.

Also, we invite you to visit our Factory and watch the high standards maintained for producing the highest quality Ply Board available in market.

Make Home – Plywood Supplier – has made it a transparent experience for buyers to purchase the finest of materials at the lowest prices.


At Make Home you can get all of the Available Grade of Flush Doors and Plyboard:

  • MR Grade – Moisture Resistant – This grade of Plywood is with only the capacity of resisting moisture from a limited exposure of water.
  • BWR Grade – Boiling Water Resistant – The BWR grade Plywood must be preferred for the use of furniture or cabinets due to its better resistance to the exposure of water. The Flush Doors of BWR Grade can give a much better life in compassion to MR grade Doors.
  • BWP Grade – Boiling Water Proof – These are the best quality Plywood and doors in terms of Resistance to Water. Although more expensive they are much more effective in comparison to MR grade of Plywood and Doors.

So, Considering the Price of Plywood and the life of Plywood – At Make Home – we suggest the BWR or BWP Grade of Plywood for the commercial use.


At Make Home – we offer Two Qualities in Ply board:

  • Classic – The highest Quality of Ply with zero defects and a life time warranty. The Price of Plywood is usually more in comparison to the other Qualities as it will serve you with a better life and overall strength.
  • Cornet – The more economic Quality of Plywood. The price of Plywood is much more attractive for carpenters and has a good workable strength and all the properties to build strong furniture.

Both the Qualities are of Alternate Core and with a much reliable life in comparison to any other ply available in Tri City.


The Plywood Price varies with the plywood Thickness and at Make Home we provide the best Plywood Price in town.

  • The Classic Quality Ply of 18mm Ply Thickness will cost you around 60 INR per Sqft.
  • The Cornet Quality Ply of 18mm+ Ply Thickness will cost you around 50 INR per Sqft.

So does the Flush Door Price:

  • The 32mm of Flush Door Thickness will cost you around 95 INR per Sqft.
  • The 35mm of Flush Door Thickness will cost around 105 INR per Sqft.

Another fact about Flush Doors Price is that it depends upon the thickness of the Door and the quality of the door.

And for Flush Doors we have it in every Size from –

  • 27X81″ – 30X81″ – 33X81″ – 36X81″
  • 27X93″ – 30X93″ – 33X93″ – 36X93″



With over 25 Years of Experience in manufacturing Ply – Boards – Doors –

The Plywood and Flush Doors by United Timber are the In-Demand product range in the Tri-city Area.

And Operating through Only Two Dealers of Plywood in TRICITY –



Plot 649, Sector – 82, Mohali



The Price for Plywood varies depending upon:

  • Thickness – Both Ply board and Flush Doors comes in different thickness depending upon the different usage for the Ply. The Thicker Board the costlier it gets.
  • Grade – Usually the Waterproof Grade is costlier in compassion to Water-resistant Grade of Ply.
  • Quality – The better quality ply with zero defects (Classic) will be costlier than the Economic Quality (Cornet) of Ply Board and Flush Door.


Do Visit us at our showroom in Plot 649, Sector – 82, Mohali and offer us an opportunity to serve you Make the Home of your Dreams.